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Proven Campaign Marketing: Bumper Stickers

by Marty G 22. May 2012 16:15
One of the most traditional and time tested, true to work methods of campaign advertising for decades, has been the bumper sticker. [More]


How to use MakeStickers.com to Support Your Favorite Candidate

by Marty G 6. January 2012 11:10
Elections are a cornerstone in American politics and no solid campaign can be built with out promotion and influence by the candidates in each race. MakeStickers.com makes it easy for anyone, with any budget, to easily and creatively support or oppose their favorite candidate. MakeStickers.com does this a number of ways. [More]


The 2012 Political Candidate Bumper Sticker Directory Is In Full Force

by Nick L 13. October 2011 14:50
The 2012 election will be one of the most important in this country's history, so it's important that everyone is able to express their view. [More]


Negative Politics In Bumper Stickers

by Marty G 12. August 2008 15:30
Statistics show overwhelming "negative sentiment" in bumper stickers. [More]

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